We strongly believe that delivering high-resolution weather and vertical optimizations directly to the aircraft FMC automatically saves the airline fuel and emissions, making the flight safe and comfortable

Save fuel & time

AVTECH uses High-Resolution weather data  that saves airlines an average of 2,5% fuel & time

Cut Emissions

Engage pilots to fly sustainably and instantly reduce your carbon footprint with fuel savings of up to 2.5%

Safety & Comfort

High-Resolution Clear Air Turbulence data, is automatically delivered to the pilots, ensuring a safer flight

Easy deployment

All of our services are available using existing aircraft technology without requiring hardware investments

Real-time High-Resolution weather data is vital for pilots in order to make better decisions while flying.

High-Resolution weather (10K) is far more precise compared to standard aviation weather (140K), greatly reducing the wind error and enhancing flight performance. Enabling pilots to fly more sustainably and safer.


Tailored to your flight

Start saving today

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Cruise fuel and Co2 reduction of 2,5% average from using ClearPath
Average yearly descent fuel saving per aircraft using Aventus

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