We create our services with a simple idea in mind: they should be easy to use and relieve pilots’ workload. The service is seamlessly integrated with your aircraft’s existing technology to enable direct communication, both manually and in fully automatic mode.


A fully automatic real-time Flight optimization service that calculates the optimal flight path using High-Resolution weather, cost index, and actual weight.


Optimized weather uplink service to the FMC, enhancing the accuracy and automation of the internal flight computer, resulting in direct fuel savings and improved on-time performance.


This service keeps track of the aircraft’s position using 4D-trajectory to provide tactical updates on meteorological hazards. It uses High-resolution turbulence data and SIGMETs to detect CAT, icing, thunderstorms, and volcanic ash.


A unique decision support application that visualizes tailored weather information and flight path optimization. Based on High-Resolution weather and turbulence ensuring a safer flight for both passengers and crew.


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