Automatic in-flight weather hazard notifications. The service tracks and notifies the pilots in real time of weather hazards ahead on the route. Delivered directly to the cockpit display or printer improving flight comfort and safety.

SIGMA tracks your flight

The aircraft and CAT areas are constantly in motion, SIGMA has the ability to alert pilots of upcoming turbulence and hazardous weather. To avoid or minimize the turbulence impact, the crew will have the best information possible for a well based decision whether to climb or descend. SIGMA tracks the flight and automatically updates the pilots of any hazardous weather changes on their route enhancing flight safety and comfort.

UK MetOffice High Resolution global turbulence model​

The latest advances in weather forecasting have made it possible to predict the horizontal and vertical distribution of turbulence. SIGMA uses this advanced forecast which is based on high-resolution models from the UK Met Office.

 Advanced forecasts, aircraft performance parameters, and active routing are collected to calculate a four-dimensional trajectory. This 4DT is used to retrieve a funnel of High-Resolution turbulence weather, tailored in both time and space for your flight.


Automatically calculates the entry and exit points of the SIGMETs and hazardous turbulence areas.

Active Route

Retrieve tailored notifications directly to the pilots based on the active FMC route.

Clear Air Turbulence

Avoid or minimize CAT areas with precision, using 4DT High-Resolution turbulence forecasting.